Get the Best Bins for Your Kitchen

Rubbish is an unavoidable part of kitchen life. Packets and wrappers, food scraps, and cans need somewhere to go when you have finished with them and now there is a rubbish bin that is not only easy on the eye but easy to use.

Clear your kitchen waste conveniently with our Pull-Out Bins that conceal inside your kitchen cabinet perfectly. With a 15-liter capacity for each plastic waste bin, the bins come in compartments with lids that allow you to separate your waste from each other as well as from your recycling items. The sturdy stainless steel runners ensure smooth sliding in and out.

No manual lifting of the lid and no stepping on the pedal. Just bring your rubbish up close to the lid and it is open and close sesame with our Motion Sensor Bin. The opening and closing are soft and it works silently too. Without any direct contact with the bin cover, your hands stay clean always. It also helps the bin to stay clean too vice versa.

Keep your kitchen clutter and rubbish free with this nifty swing-out bin that attaches to the inside of a cupboard! The stylish stainless steel finish is easy to wipe down while the inner bin is removable for easy cleaning. This swing-out bin attaches firmly and securely to the inside of your kitchen cupboard. Position it where you will be able to get the most advantage from it – under the sink or workbench – simply open the cupboard and the bin opens too! Great for busy cooks that don’t want to get their hands dirty!

However you want to manage your kitchen waste, Real Smart makes it simple, easy, and affordable. Check them out today!

Bring Out the Creative Melody in You

Love music? Love to play and sing your favorite songs? Well, let our instruments collection realize your musical aspirations.

Sitting on a couch at home playing guitar and singing with your mates or sitting around the campfire and singing in harmony is definitely enjoyable and fun. Crafted from the finest materials, the guitar is made of laminated linden for its top, back, and side. With the Hard Wood neck and Maple Wood Fingerboard, the cutaway delivers beautiful sound and chic look at one time. The delicate process of manufacture including bracing and finishing techniques, thickness, and wood tuning guarantee this guitar a real pleasure to play.

With its 61 or 88 touch-sensitive keys, the portable piano keyboard enables you to discover a whole new world of music with exceptional built-in advanced features such as 140 to 255 timbres, 6 to 255 rhythms, 16 to 50 demo songs, various effect controls and many more. Not least, with various inputs for microphone and headphones, the Portable Keyboard also allows you to play and sing for all to hear or for silent practice.

Besides the above-mentioned guitar and keyboards, now you can practice drums kit at home with our 8-piece Electric Drum Kit, without being that annoying, noisy neighbors. The kit comes with everything you would expect in a real drum kit: one snare, three toms, three cymbals, one bass drum, a hi-hat control pedal, and a kick trigger pedal, which is specifically designed to capture the subtle nuances of your playing.

Come and pick the perfect instruments and enjoy the wonderful music at Real Smart today.

Bright and Fun Toys for Your Young One

Are you looking for a fun and different way to keep your little ones preoccupied? Have you been wondering how to get your children off the couch, away from the tablet, and doing some exercise? Our full range of fun toys will do you this favor.

The swing car is compliant with Australian standards and is suitable for little kids and big kids, provided they’re over the age of 3. Features include a fun horn, a smooth ride, easy-to-grip handles and a comfortable sitting area. The range of swing cars available from Real Smart ensures your children will spend hours being active and laughing all day long.

Made of quality Firewood timber, our Sand Pit is more than just four pieces of wooded planks screwed together. It also comprises comfortable seating areas in the form of two long benches with backrests for everyone, young and old, to enjoy the pit. With our range of outstanding wooden sand pits for sale, your children will be jumping for joy!

It’s always a worry when buying new things for your little one. Will they like it? Will they outgrow it quickly? Perhaps they will break it on the first day they play with it. You won’t have to stress about such things with our ride on cars. They are of the utmost quality so can outlast the wear and tear that comes with playtime, and have received rave reviews of our products from even the most discerning of toy connoisseurs.

Designed to look and feel like a real kitchen, our Keezi Wooden Kitchen Play Set promises hours of pretend cooking fun for the little chef in your child. The playset includes working knobs, kitchen components like a tap, sink, stove, oven, microwave, fridge, water dispenser, knife hanger, and even a phone for ordering delivery food when the chef is just too tired to cook.

Instead of running around the shops, you can find all the cheapest kids’ and baby toys online with only one click in our store. Shop at Real Smart today!

A Restful Night with Cozy Bedding

The perfect day starts with a great night’s sleep, and a great night’s sleep starts with the right bedding. Check out the following pieces that you cannot miss.

Pillows play an important role in delivering a soothing sleep, the normal and shredded memory foam pillows will provide you and your family a restful sleep without costing earth. Some people like soft and spongy while others prefer firm and supportive. The natural latex pillow provides both! A soft, massaging texture accompanied by the added support and comfort of 100% natural latex. The natural latex allows for even weight distribution.

Don’t toss and turn any longer! Our ultimate mattresses will have you sleeping just like a baby. Whether you’re most comfortable on a pocket spring, inflatable, or memory foam mattress, there’s something to support you in our store. Featuring the pillow top layer or filled with high-density foam and covered in a premium bamboo charcoal knitted fabric that is hypoallergenic, the mattress spreads your body’s weight evenly across the surface providing maximum support.

Mattress toppers are a wonderful way to make an ‘ok’ mattress awesome! Simply slip the topper over the mattress like a fitted sheet, cover with your usual sheets, doona and blankets and get ready for bed, they will provide you with a better sleeping surface and pure comfort throughout the night.

When choosing blankets, the weighted blanket would come into your mind. Made of 100% cotton for the top and 100% microfiber for the bottom, the weighted blanket is filled with polyester and glass beads to create the right amount of pressure for a soothing hugging sensation. The weighted blanket is also close-fitting and conforms to your body shape and adapts to any sleeping posture easily.

Besides the above-mentioned items, quilts, sheets, electronic blankets, and other products are also available for the pick! Choose the items making nights more comfortable than ever and shop the bedding range at Real Smart today.

Fired Up for Good Times with BBQ Products

Have a BBQ anytime, anywhere would just be such a wonderful thing around us. These BBQ Products surely will bring you some genuine enjoyment all around.

Made for easy carrying and keeping with its large front carry handle, with foldable design, locking lid, and retractable legs, the food-grade stainless steel construction Portable Gas BBQ Grills are very convenient to use. With their large cooking area, the BBQ is ready to deliver more sumptuous meals without a long wait. You also can cook and enjoy your own gourmet pizza in the comfort of your own backyard or while camping. You can invite as many family and friends as you like.

The Charcoal BBQ Grills would bring something different. Corn on the cob, roasted lamb, kebabs or grilled chicken the options are only limited by your culinary imagination! This multi-use smoker and grill BBQ is so compact yet full of features to make cooking outside for friends and family a thrill. You’ll love the flavors you can add to your meats and vegetables by incorporating the smoker or getting a good char on your meats from the charcoal grill.

When the sun goes down, there is nothing quite like the warm glow of a fire and embers to help you and your family relax by the Fire Pits. Not to mention, take the cold chill out of the air! Entertain in style with the clever 2 in 1 outdoor fire pit, table and BBQ! Not only you can use it as a sturdy outdoor table, but when it’s time for tea, remove the lid to reveal a grill ready to BBQ. So all you need to do now is light up some wood or charcoal fire and get cozy for a great time around the fire pit.

Come and browse our BBQ Products Range and find the best item for your next BBQ party.

Add Stylish Bar Seating to Your Home

High-quality contemporary bar stools will diversify your décor style. Perfect for both the home or at the counter of your place or business, our bar stools are comfortable, stylish and timeless.

With their classic design and contemporary good looks, these Gas Lift Bar Stools are not only built to last but built to impress. Upholstered in faux leather, the bar stool also features an extra-thick foam padding for ultimate comfort. Better still, the height can be easily adjusted with the SGS-tested gas lift and the large base ensures stability at all times. Not least, a floor protector under the base helps to keep your pristine floor scratch-free at all times.

If you prefer some wooden bar stools, you will find the wood frame is solid and sturdy while the padded seat is finished in luxurious black leather PU over high-density foam. The stools assemble in a few minutes, so you’ll be celebrating your new purchase up at the bar in no time!

Go vintage, go rustic, and go industrial, our Industrial Stools have all the right vibes for you. The stool has a sturdy heavy-duty steel frame that is powder-coated for durability and looks stunning from any angle with its heavy metallic black finish. A convenient footrest is integrated into the design and offers a stylish and handy perching spot, while the floor protectors keep your pristine floor free from scratches and damage. With a choice of rotating and height-adjustable model, you can be sure that every bar stool is designed to suit your seating preference.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your décor or are furnishing a space from scratch, the bar stools collection will meet your needs in the best way. Browse our catalog today and discover something astonishing.

Upgrade Your Garden with Gorgeous Garden Supplies

Green grass and stunning flowers are the elements for a fabulous garden. Also growing your own herbs and vegetables in the garden is full of fun. What you need to do is to grab some garden supplies which suit your garden and sow.

Are you looking for a great way to keep weeds out of your veggies? Our rectangular raised garden beds are ideal for a weed-free veggie patch. Its 0.8mm thickness means extra stability and the round edges ensure that it is safe to use too. The garden bed has different shades and colors that are easy to put together and durable in every weather condition.

Or you can get some Gardeon Stone Plant Pot sets for an alternative choice. Crafted from high-quality firestone, it offers a wealth of possibilities when it comes to decorating the home. The non-toxic and environmentally friendly material keeps both you and your plant healthy. Set it up, add in the soil, then the seeds or saplings and you are good to have a great fruit and vegetable patch of your own.

Great for producing tomatoes and cucumbers, orchids or delicious herbs and vegetables with full protection from frosts, birds, and bugs, our walk-in greenhouse will give you plenty of room to set up your dream garden hothouse. Start planning the ultimate garden today and you’ll be eating and reaping the rewards in just a few weeks!

If you’ve got a weed job to do, get the job done properly in half the time with this 100 liter weed sprayer. This weed sprayer is just the ticket for small or large spray jobs around the farm, property or garden. Just mount onto your ATV, fill it with up to 100 liters of chemical, adjustable spray boom and select the best nozzle for the job – wide to super-wide depending on the surface area and types of weed you are tackling.

Are you tired of the upkeep that comes with a lawn, and are considering investing in synthetic turf for your home? Well, synthetic turf is the perfect solution for the backyard or wherever lawn is hard to grow like under dense shade or in high traffic areas. The turf is made from four colored synthetic grass that create a natural appearance that looks absolutely authentic. The grass is made from anti-fade yarn and is UV stabilized. Ideal for around the pool or play areas or hard to access courtyards or pathways.

For more Garden Supplies, just browse Real Smart and check out which specifications suit your needs and take advantage of the best prices around!

Living Room Furniture for the Lovely Home

Want to add more cozy elements in your living room? Here is the furniture range that you cannot give a miss.

Simple, modernistic, our Artiss Coffee Table makes for a resounding statement in style, function, and practicality that fits in brilliantly with any discerning home decor. You can keep all your books, magazines, remote controls, and other entertainment paraphernalia from cluttering up your living room with them.

Besides the coffee tables, sideboards will stand out in any kitchen or dining room with its unique natural and grey tones. Or you can use it in any space or any room where a convenient and compact cabinet will do wonders for your storage needs.

Made of high-quality bamboo and MDF, the sideboard is sturdy and durable with equally fine hardware to ensure trouble-free use every time. The varnish finish is flawless and smooth to the touch.

Or you can wow all your houseguests at your dinner party with the Artiss LED Sideboard. The sideboard comes with built-in LED lighting on the open display shelf that can be customized into 16 different colors to suit your preference. Not only does this create a beautiful ambiance, but it also creates the perfect setting to truly appreciate your collectibles.

When storage space is a premium, our Artiss Tallboys can really help to ease your storage woes. Featuring several drawers, you can pack a whole bunch of stuff in them: clothes, personal knick-knacks or home essentials, to enable your bedroom or any room to stay neat and uncluttered.

What’s more, Display Shelves would fit your needs if you are a keen reader, collector of pretty objects or just need more room to display your family photos this shelving system has plenty of options to deliver clever storage solutions for the whole family. All the shelves are height adjustable to make it easy to position your books and frames.

Simply browse our range, find what you’ve been looking for and enjoy them!

Homewares That Can Truly Brighten Up your Home

Turn your dull, colorless house into a bright and modern home. If you have a room that is well overdue for a décor update, the Homewares Collection at Real Smart should be your one and only stop.

Every picture tells a story. Adding a contemporary touch to the walls of your home is simple if you use our collection of simple and elegant designed photo frames. They are a set of selected standard sized frames that will fit most standard photos, turning them from timeless memories to an artistic and meaningful timeline of your memories.

We have a range of neutral and bright colored curtains that can help accentuate any room, whether it’s a shade for the kid’s bedroom or new, modern curtains for the lounge room. Great for people that need to get to sleep during the day or for added privacy from the neighbors, these block out curtains will keep more than just the light out.

Enhance your home with the simplest of the method. Get an Artiss Shaggy Rug. Made from 100% polyester fibers, our classic rug is comfortable and lovely with a rich and soft underfoot feel. Its neutral hue will blend well with any décor while the rug itself can provide a warm and cozy touch to any room or space.

Tired of flies and mosquitoes buzzing around in your house during summer? Now with our Instahut Retractable Fly Screen for doors, you can open doors to let the fresh air in without letting the flies in too. The fly screen, with its sturdy aluminum frame and high-density fiberglass mesh, provides an eco-friendly way of keeping the bugs out without resorting to insecticides. And not only does it block UV and insects, but it also provides additional shade and privacy.

However you want to manage your kitchen waste, our Kitchen Bins Collection makes it simple, easy and affordable. Coming both pedal-operated models and bins equipped with motion-activated automatic lids, or screw-on slide-out and swing-out bins that suitable for installation both inside cupboards and underneath kitchen counters, these bins will not disappoint you.

Take a look at our latest range of Homewares Collection and get a fantastic price on beautiful, personalized décor with Real Smart.

Upgrade You Kitchen with Modern Kitchen Appliances

Is there a little bare of your kitchen cupboards? Are the appliances looking shabby and outdated? It’s time to upgrade your kitchen with our modern kitchen appliances collection and turn cooking into a breeze by investing in premium kitchenware products.

Nothing beats having a good electric oven to prepare your meals tasty and nutritious. And our powerful Devanti Built-in Oven is perfectly designed to do that. With its stylish food-grade stainless steel construction, the oven can be used as a built-in model or set up as a freestanding unit on your kitchen benchtop. Using the oven is super easy with the digital touch control on the LED display and twin knobs.

If you love the flavor of fried food but can’t afford the cholesterol or extra fat in your diet then why not consider an air fryer? Air fryers do the same job as a deep fryer without the need for copious amounts of oil. Create hearty meals of perfectly cooked wedges, chips, seafood, meat, and vegetables.

Need ice cubes on-demand fast and without the hassle of driving to the nearest servo or supermarket to get some? Well, our multi-functional ice cube maker can help. Just connect the ice cube maker to a water source, turn on the tap and enter the appropriate settings to begin the ice cube making process. Just select your size option on the LED control panel and press start.

Whether it is for your existing or new home, our Devanti Cooktop is just the right thing you need for easy, no-fuss cooking. Loaded with an extensive list of chef-friendly features such as an easy ignition system, easy-to-use stainless steel knob controls with safety lock and a flame failure safety device, the cooktop is also incredibly sleek with its black tempered glass surface.

What can be more convenient than a conventional dishwasher? When it is a Devanti Benchtop Dishwasher of course! Convenient, space-saving and easy to install, our benchtop dishwasher can sit on any kitchen benchtop to help you instantly with your dishwashing chores. Or it can also be configured as a built-in model. Whatever your choice, the dishwasher comes with most, if not all, of the attributes and features of a conventional dishwasher but without the hassle of creating a large space among your kitchen cabinet to have it.

Browse our full range of kitchen appliances and get ready to make meals in an easier way today.