Living Room Furniture for the Lovely Home

Want to add more cozy elements in your living room? Here is the furniture range that you cannot give a miss.

Simple, modernistic, our Artiss Coffee Table makes for a resounding statement in style, function, and practicality that fits in brilliantly with any discerning home decor. You can keep all your books, magazines, remote controls, and other entertainment paraphernalia from cluttering up your living room with them.

Besides the coffee tables, sideboards will stand out in any kitchen or dining room with its unique natural and grey tones. Or you can use it in any space or any room where a convenient and compact cabinet will do wonders for your storage needs.

Made of high-quality bamboo and MDF, the sideboard is sturdy and durable with equally fine hardware to ensure trouble-free use every time. The varnish finish is flawless and smooth to the touch.

Or you can wow all your houseguests at your dinner party with the Artiss LED Sideboard. The sideboard comes with built-in LED lighting on the open display shelf that can be customized into 16 different colors to suit your preference. Not only does this create a beautiful ambiance, but it also creates the perfect setting to truly appreciate your collectibles.

When storage space is a premium, our Artiss Tallboys can really help to ease your storage woes. Featuring several drawers, you can pack a whole bunch of stuff in them: clothes, personal knick-knacks or home essentials, to enable your bedroom or any room to stay neat and uncluttered.

What’s more, Display Shelves would fit your needs if you are a keen reader, collector of pretty objects or just need more room to display your family photos this shelving system has plenty of options to deliver clever storage solutions for the whole family. All the shelves are height adjustable to make it easy to position your books and frames.

Simply browse our range, find what you’ve been looking for and enjoy them!

Homewares That Can Truly Brighten Up your Home

Turn your dull, colorless house into a bright and modern home. If you have a room that is well overdue for a décor update, the Homewares Collection at Real Smart should be your one and only stop.

Every picture tells a story. Adding a contemporary touch to the walls of your home is simple if you use our collection of simple and elegant designed photo frames. They are a set of selected standard sized frames that will fit most standard photos, turning them from timeless memories to an artistic and meaningful timeline of your memories.

We have a range of neutral and bright colored curtains that can help accentuate any room, whether it’s a shade for the kid’s bedroom or new, modern curtains for the lounge room. Great for people that need to get to sleep during the day or for added privacy from the neighbors, these block out curtains will keep more than just the light out.

Enhance your home with the simplest of the method. Get an Artiss Shaggy Rug. Made from 100% polyester fibers, our classic rug is comfortable and lovely with a rich and soft underfoot feel. Its neutral hue will blend well with any décor while the rug itself can provide a warm and cozy touch to any room or space.

Tired of flies and mosquitoes buzzing around in your house during summer? Now with our Instahut Retractable Fly Screen for doors, you can open doors to let the fresh air in without letting the flies in too. The fly screen, with its sturdy aluminum frame and high-density fiberglass mesh, provides an eco-friendly way of keeping the bugs out without resorting to insecticides. And not only does it block UV and insects, but it also provides additional shade and privacy.

However you want to manage your kitchen waste, our Kitchen Bins Collection makes it simple, easy and affordable. Coming both pedal-operated models and bins equipped with motion-activated automatic lids, or screw-on slide-out and swing-out bins that suitable for installation both inside cupboards and underneath kitchen counters, these bins will not disappoint you.

Take a look at our latest range of Homewares Collection and get a fantastic price on beautiful, personalized décor with Real Smart.

Upgrade You Kitchen with Modern Kitchen Appliances

Is there a little bare of your kitchen cupboards? Are the appliances looking shabby and outdated? It’s time to upgrade your kitchen with our modern kitchen appliances collection and turn cooking into a breeze by investing in premium kitchenware products.

Nothing beats having a good electric oven to prepare your meals tasty and nutritious. And our powerful Devanti Built-in Oven is perfectly designed to do that. With its stylish food-grade stainless steel construction, the oven can be used as a built-in model or set up as a freestanding unit on your kitchen benchtop. Using the oven is super easy with the digital touch control on the LED display and twin knobs.

If you love the flavor of fried food but can’t afford the cholesterol or extra fat in your diet then why not consider an air fryer? Air fryers do the same job as a deep fryer without the need for copious amounts of oil. Create hearty meals of perfectly cooked wedges, chips, seafood, meat, and vegetables.

Need ice cubes on-demand fast and without the hassle of driving to the nearest servo or supermarket to get some? Well, our multi-functional ice cube maker can help. Just connect the ice cube maker to a water source, turn on the tap and enter the appropriate settings to begin the ice cube making process. Just select your size option on the LED control panel and press start.

Whether it is for your existing or new home, our Devanti Cooktop is just the right thing you need for easy, no-fuss cooking. Loaded with an extensive list of chef-friendly features such as an easy ignition system, easy-to-use stainless steel knob controls with safety lock and a flame failure safety device, the cooktop is also incredibly sleek with its black tempered glass surface.

What can be more convenient than a conventional dishwasher? When it is a Devanti Benchtop Dishwasher of course! Convenient, space-saving and easy to install, our benchtop dishwasher can sit on any kitchen benchtop to help you instantly with your dishwashing chores. Or it can also be configured as a built-in model. Whatever your choice, the dishwasher comes with most, if not all, of the attributes and features of a conventional dishwasher but without the hassle of creating a large space among your kitchen cabinet to have it.

Browse our full range of kitchen appliances and get ready to make meals in an easier way today.

Right Vacuum Cleaners for the Cleaning Purposes

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good helper when it’s time to tidy up at home. A good quality vacuum cleaner will be an invaluable tool to clean your floors and fittings of dust mites and allergens, just be the top priority for your home and garden cleaning needs.

No need to experience the drudgery of daily vacuuming. When you own one of these fully automatic robotic vacuum cleaners, the hard work will be taken out of one of every household’s most tiresome daily chore! This fully rechargeable and automated vacuum delivers quite a punch, extracting up to 99% of the allergens lurking in your carpets and hard floor areas.

Sucking up dust and dirt is a breeze with this handheld stick vacuum cleaner. Not only is it light, but it’s also convenient. Simply suck up the dirt, and place it back and ready for its next job. It’s great to have in high traffic areas around the home or office, saving time and effort from hauling out the old clumsy vacuum cleaner with cords and hoses.

Cleaning windows is heavy housework and can be dangerous too, especially if you live in a high-rise building. That is why you need our Robotic Window Cleaner, your personal cleaning professional that gets the hard work done for you. Just connect the 1.5m power cord, put the cleaning pad on the base, attach the safety rope and switch on to start. Strong suction power allows the cleaner to stick to the window, and then it automatically chooses from three different cleaning paths for optimal cleaning.

Whether you’re looking for a robotic vacuum cleaner that floats around your home looking for spills, or you’d prefer a handheld cordless one for quick jobs around the home, your car or your garden, Real Smart has what you need and more. Browse our Devanti range today and save.

Enriching Your Home Styling with Iconic Accent Chairs

If you just need to kick back after a long day at work, or want to watch TV in comfort, a great armchair can make all the difference. With our great range, you will surely find the functional, stylish and comfortable armchairs.

If you love the French provincial decor design style, then you’ll absolutely adore this elegant ‘Lorraine’ style occasional chair. Made from linen look polyester over a high-density luxurious foam seat in a luscious misty grey tone, this chair is great for popping in a cozy corner, by the fireplace, under a window to invite comfort and style into your home. The chair features sweet metal accent studs for added dramatic effect.

Elegant, timeless and sophisticated, the glorious linen lounge chair and ottoman will really bring a modern twist to your living room. Ideal as a comfy reading chair under your favorite window or nestle it by the fireplace for your very own ‘cozy’ corner to escape to after a hard day at work.

Sit up, lay back, watch TV or read a book, the fully adjustable recliner chair has a stylish and sophisticated modern finish that will look great in any room. The ultra-wide armrests and plush leg rests are built for your instant relaxation. They are so comfortable however, be warned, everyone in the house will want their own!

An armchair should be as individual as you are, it doesn’t matter if you want leather, fabric or anything in-between, Real Smart has you covered. View the range, read about our products and find something that is perfect for you.

Illuminate the Bedroom with Decadent Dressing Table

Dressing Tables and makeup mirrors are essential to every girl. With a number of small compartments and drawers, you are sure to find the perfect place for your makeup brushes, jewelry mascaras and other things you want to keep tidy and out of sight until you need them.

The gorgeous jewelry cabinet is just what every girl needs! Store away your earrings, necklaces, hair accessories and more in this super stylish jewelry cabinet. The cabinet features four spacious storage compartments and a built-in mirror. The slimline design means the dresser will easily fit into almost any cozy nook or corner.

Made of sturdy particleboard, the dressing table is embellished with many practical features. Behind the sliding mirror lie hidden storage shelves for personal essentials. Plus, several open shelves also provide a myriad of display space for all your makeup, fashion accessories and more. It also comes with several drawers for extra storage options. The table offers ample legroom too for you to groom with minimum hassle and a well-padded stool completes the ensemble.

People of all ages and genders can enjoy decorating their bedroom with a stylish dressing table. Certainly, a dream comes true for every little princess. The Artiss Kids Dressing Table Set is just perfect for your girl to have a beautiful time doing her own makeup and getting ready for a fashionable start with her friends. The gorgeous set includes an elegant dressing table with a faux makeup mirror to reflect her awesome beauty.

As a certain part of the dressing table, you will also need the adjustable light makeup mirrors to just feel like a Hollywood movie star in your own home! Freestanding or wall-mounted, the frame is sturdy yet lightweight and easy to install and operate. Perfect for applying foundation, mascara, eye shadow and lipstick with all the precision and poise of make-up professionals!

Browse the many high-quality dressing tables with stools and mirrors we have on offer and chose your favorite today!

Professional Industrial Tools for Handy People

When it’s time to spruce up your backyard or somewhere else, you will always need some handy tools as professional partners. Here they come.

Say goodbye to backbreaking manual post boring and digging and welcome to the technological breakthrough GIANTZ Petrol Post Hole Borer/Digger. With regard to its operation, the GIANTZ Hole Borer/Digger offers a smooth start with consistent digging/boring power, coupled with quality rubber hand grips for relatively stress-free handling. So whether you’re digging holes for fence posts, decking supports plumbing or even planting trees, the GIANTZ Hole Borer/Digger is your ultimate borer and digger hands down.

Break easily with the GIANTZ Electric Jackhammer. The jackhammer comprises a powerful and efficient pure copper motor specified with toughened and hardy components. It also provides good heat dissipation to keep you cool on the job. The jackhammer is perfect for a variety of uses including breaking up concrete, digging, chipping, squaring, grooving and more.

The GIANTZ Chainsaw is serious commercial grade sawing. Cutting trunks, logs, planks, trees and more are like a hot knife to cold butter. Holding it up, you’ll appreciate the balanced weight distribution design and double recoil combined system for ease of handling and control for long periods of use. Your shoulders, hands and arms will thank you for it. You’ll also get all the necessary accessories for a good clean cut such as a chainsaw sharpener, maintenance toolset, gloves, and earmuffs. Every inch of the GIANTZ Chainsaw spells heavy duty high performance.

For cutting edge performance consistently with your chainsaw, you need our GIANTZ Electric Chainsaw Sharpener. Designed to sharpen even the bluntest of chains with both precision and ease, our sharpener offers a high level of sharpening with continual accuracy. Just set the required grinding angle and you can cycle through the chain with the same razor-sharp finish with each tooth ground to the precise angle and depth.

To see more handy industrial tools, you can select the right ones from the wide range at We offer an unbeatable price that will fit any budget.

Spoil Your Furry Member with Something Different

Have you got a new furry member of your family? Do you want to treat your cats or dogs with a new toy? Look no further. It’s time to get lost in our collection of pet care until you find the perfect one that your pet will call home.

Whether you keep your cats inside or in an enclosure, it’s important they are entertained as well as have somewhere to relax and unwind! Cat scratch posts have all that covered. Consisting of a resting room, cradle, and platform, the cat tree provides room for your cat to rest. They are easy to assemble and easy to move yet not easy to tip over.

When our dogs want to run and play in the open air and free space, the range of dog playpens available for purchase at our online store that will allow your pup to run and have fun without digging a hole at the fence in an attempt to roam free. Coming in a different range of design specifications and styles, the playpens available are perfect for your pooch whatever breed they are!

A man’s best friend should deserve a good place to stay. The Pet Dog Kennel is the just the right pad for your furry buddy to sleep, rest or relax. At first glance, the design of this Kennel is really all about form and function in perfect harmony. This high-quality solid Fir wood built dog kennel fits larger size dogs and is weatherproof and UV stabilized. Your pet will love the extra-large patio for lazing around and getting a bit of sunshine and fresh air whenever needed.

Need to take your small pet out for a walk with minimum hassle? You can, with the i.Pet Pet Stroller. It is sturdy, well-made, and comfortable also comes with a host of pet-friendly features. Such as multiple mesh screens with zippers for easy access and breathability, a bottler holder for refreshment, spacious storage, durable fabric, and omni-directional front wheels and brake-fitted rear wheels for easy handling.

Whether you’re searching for cat scratching posts, Pet Dog Kennel, or dog playpens for your furry friends, you’ll find everything in the Real Smart’s one-stop-shop.

Kick Off Your Wonderful Summer with Powerful Fans

For fast cooling, there is nothing like a fan to start the wind going. The full ranges of our powerful fans are just right to cool your space perfectly.

Perfect for everyone in any environment or room, our powerful tower fan delivers a soft and gentle breeze that is stimulating and comforting. The tower fan features three speeds with three modes (Normal, Natural and Sleep) and a 7.5-hour timer that can be easily adjusted on the stylish touch panel. A handy remote control also allows you to get the relaxing wind going from the comfort of your couch and a slot for the remote control into the fan to keep you from misplacing it.

Now you can even cool your home in style with our retro Devanti Pedestal Fan. Its four-bladed design ensures that breezes are created efficiently and effectively while the three fan speeds allow you to set your preferred wind intensity to suit your comfort. Perfect for use indoors or outdoors with residential or commercial properties, our pedestal fan is always reliable in every way.

Want gentle breezes, light drafts or high winds? Our Ceiling Fan is ever ready to meet your requirements easily. With three to five fan speeds, the contemporary-design ceiling fan features an efficient DC motor that provides ample air circulation and cool breezes throughout the room. Better still; the fan also comes with a reverse cycle mode that can be used for both summer and winter with its smart wind drafts. Plus, the built-in LED light provides ample lighting to suit your ambient mood and décor.

From the traditional tower fan, to the powerful pedestal fan, or contemporary-design ceiling fan, you can always find something that perfectly balances with your interior plan. Browse our fantastic fans collection today and get yourself a great deal.

Perfect Storage Solutions for Your Workshop

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional engineer, you’ll know that storing your tools properly is important. It would be great to ensure your tools are safely secured all the time and easily accessible when you need them most. But how?

Tools and small things are scattering everywhere in your garage? You can make it look more organized and tidy, just by getting some bins and tools holders! Bins Storage Rack is a perfect solution for storing your tools and accessories in your garage or storage room. Plus, detachable bins idea makes your work easier by going around with it and still have it tidy in a bin. You can also use stickers or marker pen to label your bin, makes it much easier to look for the right tool whenever you need them!

For reliable and safe tools storage, nothing beats the Aluminum Tool Box. Made of marine-grade aluminum with a checker plate finish, this tool box is constructed with stainless steel piano hinge, rivets, and bolts. The high-quality rubber sealing and fully welded seams also help to keep your precious equipment and tools clean and dry from the weather elements.

Made from powder-coated metal, these heavy-duty tool boxes are built to keep your precious tools in their proper place with drawers that are specifically designed to cater to various tool sizes. From top to bottom, each drawer slides in and out effortlessly on quality ball bearings incorporated into the metal drawer runners. Each drawer is also lined to protect your tools and keep them from moving about. Not least, the tool boxes are installed with round barrel locks that are more reliable and secured compared to general locks.

Looking for a heavy-duty shelving unit that does the work confidently and still looks modern and sturdy? Please try the GIANTZ Storage Shelf Rack. Each shelf can hold up to a massive 175kg per shelf and can be adjusted to suit the height of the loads through its innovative boltless assembly system (no tools needed) and every component is powder-coated for a rust-resistant finish. The shelving units are easy to assemble and the option to set them to different configurations.

With our full range of tool storage collections available online, you’ll find the right solution to suit your needs.