Perfect Storage Solutions for Your Workshop

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional engineer, you’ll know that storing your tools properly is important. It would be great to ensure your tools are safely secured all the time and easily accessible when you need them most. But how?

Tools and small things are scattering everywhere in your garage? You can make it look more organized and tidy, just by getting some bins and tools holders! Bins Storage Rack is a perfect solution for storing your tools and accessories in your garage or storage room. Plus, detachable bins idea makes your work easier by going around with it and still have it tidy in a bin. You can also use stickers or marker pen to label your bin, makes it much easier to look for the right tool whenever you need them!

For reliable and safe tools storage, nothing beats the Aluminum Tool Box. Made of marine-grade aluminum with a checker plate finish, this tool box is constructed with stainless steel piano hinge, rivets, and bolts. The high-quality rubber sealing and fully welded seams also help to keep your precious equipment and tools clean and dry from the weather elements.

Made from powder-coated metal, these heavy-duty tool boxes are built to keep your precious tools in their proper place with drawers that are specifically designed to cater to various tool sizes. From top to bottom, each drawer slides in and out effortlessly on quality ball bearings incorporated into the metal drawer runners. Each drawer is also lined to protect your tools and keep them from moving about. Not least, the tool boxes are installed with round barrel locks that are more reliable and secured compared to general locks.

Looking for a heavy-duty shelving unit that does the work confidently and still looks modern and sturdy? Please try the GIANTZ Storage Shelf Rack. Each shelf can hold up to a massive 175kg per shelf and can be adjusted to suit the height of the loads through its innovative boltless assembly system (no tools needed) and every component is powder-coated for a rust-resistant finish. The shelving units are easy to assemble and the option to set them to different configurations.

With our full range of tool storage collections available online, you’ll find the right solution to suit your needs.

The Right Storage Solution for Your Bedroom

Looking for a storage solution for the messy bedroom? Look no further. Here are several kinds of great smart designed bedroom furniture that can provide ample space for your bedroom storage.

Upholstered in a soft fabric or PU faux leather, the storage ottoman is simply luxurious to rest on with its tufted seat that adds a plush touch to any home. But more than that, it also provides neat storage space for your home essentials. Blankets, throws, pillows, magazines, and even toys can be stowed away in a discreet, easy-to-access manner.

When using the gas lift bed frame, you will see a bed is more than a bed. On the outside, the bed frame looks like just any other quality bed frame. But with one easy gas lift of the bed base, the bed frame becomes an instant storage area with acres of space for your bedding essentials. Simply store your extra pillows, bed sheets, cushions and more in the storage compartment and hide them away for the season.

Tallboy dresser not only comes with plenty of easy to open and close drawers but also with compact design means it won’t take over your living space. Great for all those t-shirts, socks and shorts in the bedroom or put it in the hallway and turn it into a linen press for all your freshly laundered sheets and pillowcases!

The wardrobes have ample storage space with a large double-door compartment and one single-door full-length compartment for all your tall clothing such as coats and dresses. Some models have two spacious drawers on the bottom for other smaller pieces of clothing and fashion accessories.

DIY Cubes Storage cabinets may just be the instant storage solution you need for your home. Made from metal wire, 80gsm non-woven fabric upholstery or high-density particle board in a reinforced cube design, these cube storage cabinets can hold a multitude of household and personal essentials.

Whether you’re looking for a place to store an entire home’s worth of linen or a mountain of shoes, we always have the solution for you. Browse the Real Smart range today and let us show you the easy way to style your space.

Amazing Bed Frames for Your Bedroom Makeover

A bed frame is essential to all homes because we normally spend 8 hours on average on the bed. A stylish bed frame can really revitalize a bedroom, add a splash of color from cushions and a new quilt cover, finally, a whole new look!

When is a bed more than a bed? The answer is using a gas lift bed frame. On the outside, the bed frame looks like just any other quality bed frame. But with one easy gas lift of the bed base, the bed frame becomes an instant storage area with acres of space for your bedding essentials. Simply store your extra pillows, bed sheets, cushions and more in the storage compartment and hide them away for the season. Not least, the elegant bed frame base fits Australian-sized mattresses easily and snuggly.

Love the industrial, modern look? Simple in design, Metal Bed Frame is constructed in sturdy steel for durability and strength. It will transform your bedroom into an enchanting space enticing you in for a great sleep! The modernistic headboard and tailboard feature a slat-design that is both timeless and practical. And the rust-resistant powder-coated finish lends a sophisticated yet neutral look that will go well with any room decor.

A good mattress certainly deserves an equally fine bed frame and base. The wooden bed frame is well crafted with solid wood slats that help distribute body weight evenly throughout the ensemble. Underneath, sturdy legs with anti-slip floor protectors provide optimum support with further reinforcement supplied by metal side legs. Not least, heavy-duty metal connectors help keep the structure stable and firm even with robust use.

You’ve got the bed, you’ve got the fabric to match – now all you need to finish off your bedroom is a beautiful bed head! Upholstered in premium faux leather or linen fabric, these elegant Bed Head feature a tufted design that stands for timeless chic. Inside, they are richly padded with high-density foam to lend a comfortable and plush feel when relaxing on them.

You’ll love the new looks that these beautiful, stylish bed frames provide. Real Smart offers a full range of cheap bed frames for your bedroom makeover, browse and get them now.

Transform the Way You Relax with Stylish TV Units

Whether you’re settling in for a movie or just catching up on your shows, our stylish TV units offer a great way to keep your hardware and media organized. These TV units are easy to assemble and easy to set up – you will be sitting back and watching your favorite programs in no time!

Now you can watch television or play video games in style with our Artiss LED Entertainment Unit. The unit comes with built-in RGB LED lighting that can be customized into 16 different colors and 4 different flashing modes to suit your preference. The unit will be the perfect addition to your modern living room with its contemporary and linear design.

Inspired by the Scandinavian design ethos of utmost simplicity and maximum functionality, our Artiss Scandinavian Entertainment Unit is an outstanding realization of this sought-after design ideology. With its clean lines and smooth, white and natural wooden finish, the entertainment unit offers a multitude of storage spaces and yet conveys a light and fresh appeal to the senses. Better still, you can also match with the Larin Coffee Table for a complete Scandinavian style.

Short of space for your TV? Perhaps our Artiss TV Wall Mount can help. The slimline mount allows for various VESA measurements to fit TV screens from 32″ to 80″ easily. In addition, the mount allows for tilt and swivel so that you can adjust your TV to suit your most comfortable eye line for more enjoyable viewing. Suitable for concrete or brick wall use, the Artiss TV Wall Mount is definitely the way to space-saving epic TV entertainment.

What’s more, you can have a TV Floor Stand for the same effect. Mount your next TV without a headache!

Available in a range of colors, varnishes, and finishes, you’re sure finding something to fall in love with our cheap TV unit catalog.

Elevate Your Dining Experience with Stylish Dining Chairs

With so much time spent eating breakfast, lunch, and tea every day, why not do so in style around the dining table with these exquisite dining chairs?

When holding an outdoor party, some handsome and practical rattan dining table and chair sets would definitely catch eyes. Finished in UV-resistant PE rattan with a strong and sturdy aluminum frame construction for chairs and table, the multi-piece dining set is designed to please as well as stand up to the weather elements. Or even indoors, these rattan chairs are also a unique presence. Every inch of the chair is made with smooth lines and edges for an all-round and all-weather chic that spells comfort and style.

Simple, elegantly styled Fabric Dining Chair is a firm statement in sophistication that stands proud in your dining room. Designed to easily match and blend with your preferred decor with its neutral tones, the dining chair is upholstered in a choice of high-quality linen fabric and filled with an extra thick foam padding for exceptional comfort.

Like the texture of the leather? Please come to pick the PU leather dining chairs. Designed to easily match and blend with your preferred decor with its natural tones, these chairs are upholstered in high-quality PU leather and filled with an extra thick foam padding for exceptional comfort. Not least, your floor is also aptly protected with anti-slip plastic floor protectors attached to each leg of the chair.

From Real Smart, you can steal the chic of a French café on replica Tolix café chairs. Go provincial with high-backed and upholstered Caye’s dining table chairs, or aim for modernity with eye-catching and tasteful Eames Eiffel cushioned chairs.

Just turn your dining room into a beautiful setting with our stylish dining chairs. Rest assured it would be a most delightful experience.

Make Good Use of Space with Stylish Room Dividers

If you’re looking to change up your living area, the room divider is a great option for you.

Room dividers add a little class to a household, while also offering privacy when it’s needed. Let’s discover the stylish range that meets every home’s needs.

Designed with a touch of Japanese flair, Shoji bamboo room dividers look good from any angle. The screen itself is made of non-woven fabric, eco-friendly and repels liquids with ease. The solid New Zealand pinewood construction and metal hinges ensure the lightweight divider is strong and sturdy to stand up to the task and easily maneuvered to anywhere that needs it.

With its pleasant two-tone design, the elegant fabric panel divider certainly stands out from the looks of mundane dividers. As for the panels, they feature a durable fabric that is known to be resilient and durable. Lightweight and yet strong and sturdy, the divider utilizes 2-way metal hinges to cope with robust use.

Ideal for partitioning off areas you want to keep private like a changing area or hiding away clothes and shoes in the bedroom. These easy to assemble wood dividers are the instant screens that can be folded in numerous ways to suit the space or purpose. Made from paulownia wood or solid pine wood with two-way metal hinges that not only looks great but does a great job of keeping what you want keeping private, away from prying eyes in a stylish way that cleverly blends into the decor! You could even put some vases or other stuff on them as they can become a shelf with several tiers.

Brown, black, white, natural, there is always a nice color to fit your home. When not in use, the room divider can be folded and store away for its next use.

So start creating some layered space with our durable dividers and give your home a whole new dimension. Browse our Room Dividers selection to make an elegant yet simple change in your life at Real Smart.

Wonderful Ottomans for Your Home

A wonderful ottoman isn’t only for relaxing, bit also a movable and extremely flexible storage option for those things you need close at hand but out of sight. Everything from blankets to gowns, slippers and more can be easily and conveniently stored in our ottomans, making a relaxing evening on the couch comfier.

Finished in faux linen fabric or PU faux leather, our luxurious blanket box or large ottomans are simply luxurious to rest on and add a plush touch to any home. There is plenty of storage space underneath. The best thing with this box is once the lid is closed and your items are stored, you also have a functional seat! They will be a beautiful piece of furniture with a timeless, classic design that will set off your lounge room, bedroom or hallway in style.

Kids have more fun. And that is nothing more evident than our Artiss Kids Animal Stools. These adorable animal stools are designed to let your kid have a stool to be calling his or her own and yet develop a creative love for animals. Made to be totally child-safe, the animal stool comprises a sturdy wood frame with solid rubberwood legs. Thick sponge padding is found in the seat and head and the entire assembly is wrapped in durable polyester fabric for long-lasting use.

Want to make your kid’s room from messy to neat and tidy? Want a bonus nice seat or play spot too? That is what our Carton Toys Storage stool can do. The solid MDF structure features adorable and colorful cartoon designs done with non-toxic printing and is made child-safe with a sponge padded top, safe round edges, water-resistant non-woven fabric and more. It is also easy to clean and maintain and collapsible for easy storage. Use it as a storage box, a stool, a footrest or a creative play tool.

Available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and materials, surely you will find the perfect ottoman for your home at the best price from our cheap ottomans collection.

Freshen Up Your Living Room with Display Shelves

There are always things you want to display, from trophies and awards to family photos, favorite books or just treasures you have collected throughout the years. Depending on how big a collector of trinkets and books you are, you might need a few of these shelves!

A rustic pipe and wooden shelf is not only practical but would perfectly suit the industrial style! The shelf has an eye-catching old-world look with a contemporary industrial edge making it a stylish feature of your cafe, bathroom, kitchen, verandah, outdoor area or garage.

Made from high-quality MDF board and coated in white to blend into most decors, a clever corner shelf really delivers in terms of maximizing storage requiring minimal space. Simply assemble your shelf using instructions provided and attach to the wall!

Just like a tree, our versatile and functional Artiss Tree Bookshelf is anything but the norm. Its distinctive tree-shaped profile is full of charisma and elegance that will make an exceptional conversation piece in any room.

Tired of the same old? Then, let the Artiss Cube Display Shelf bring a touch of stylish creativity to your storage decor. With its step design, the Staircase Display Shelf creates unique storage spaces that can help to highlight or focus your displays.

The same matchless effect comes to the lightweight wire storage cabinets. Made from metal wire in a reinforced cube design, each compartment is made to support up to 5kg of weight. Perfect for organizing boots and shoes, nuts and bolts, books or plants!

Everything is made to last with high-quality finishing and meticulous craftsmanship. Come and pick your cheap and creative shelves on Real Smart at the best price.

Get a Shoe Cabinet with an Aesthetic Difference

Splurged on more shoes at the sales but now wondering how can put them away? Let’s discover some shoe cabinets with an aesthetic difference.

Countryside Style

Do you like the countryside style? If so, the elegant curved designed shoe cabinet bench will satisfy you. On the first impression, it just looks just like a plush bench. Pull out the neutral-tone baskets, you can store a myriad of household or personal essentials with minimum fuss. It will add a touch of luxury and multi-functionality to the ubiquitous shoe cabinet.

High Gross Favour

Unlike other shoe cabinets, our high gloss shoe cabinet features adjustable shelves, which means you can place larger shoes in effortlessly. For storing different styles of footwear, you can simply adjust the shelf level to suit its own needs. What’s more, with their quality build of safe air-gap handles, self-closing doors, durable steel hinges and backboard vents for ample airflow, you will get a great Shoe Cabinet that does its task perfectly and reliably.

Bamboo Fever

If you appreciate retro designs, then you will love this Bamboo Shoe Rack. With its timeless appeal, the Shoe Rack is just perfect for any home that wants to bring back some of the old school vibes.

Made from quality and durable bamboo, it is eco-friendly, non-toxic and tough, with countersunk screws and rounded corners to enhance its safe usage. In the hallway, balcony, patio, bedroom or children’s room, the Bamboo Shoe Rack will certainly not be deemed out of character with your home decoration.

Minimalist Mirrored

Want a practical and stylish shoe cabinet, also a full-length dressing mirror? You can now have both in one with the Artiss Mirror Shoe Cabinet. The mirror front of the closed compartments becomes a clear and bright full-length mirror for convenient match-ups of clothes and shoes. Not least, the contemporary design with push-to-open mechanism definitely lends a touch of elegance to any home.

To remove the clutter and get organized with our cheap shoe cabinets on Real Smart, with easy assembly, you’ll be able to leave shoe mess and disorder behind you! We are sure that they will feet right in with your discerning taste for all things stylish and chic.

Geared Up for Your Next Adventure

When you’re heading off on a camping adventure, whether roughing it in a national park out in the wilderness or going on your annual family holiday to the beach, you will want to make sure that you’re adequately prepared.

A portable fridge is a must-have for keeping your food fresh, no matter how far you’re traveling. With it, you can enjoy fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat. Choose the ones that are lockable and provided with durable clasps, keeping your dinners safe and sound.

A beautiful picnic basket is an on-trend bonus for your family gatherings. Picnic baskets that are fully equipped with cutlery, plates and napkins and gorgeous picnic blankets is the perfect pieces to take with.

It is not a funny thing that the temperature drops in the deep sleeping hours of the night during camping. Don’t be left in the cold again with good quality sleeping bags. From twin and double sleeping bags, there must be one that is perfect for you and a partner which is ideal for keeping you warm in every condition.

Alright, so you’ve got your sleeping bag, now it’s time to consider the tent. If you’re heading on a trip away with the family, perhaps you want a four, six or twelve-person tent, depending on the crew size you’re bringing along! Moreover, if it’s just a solo hiking trip, a single or double swag will suit your needs perfectly. A shower tent is another handy camping accessory, making for a comfortable camping experience for you and the family. If you’re simply heading for a day at the beach, one of our beach tents will give you that shade from the sun that you need.

Next, a suitable mattress is needed. No matter it is single or double, blow-up or self-inflating, they’re easy to set up, easy to sleep on and easy to pack away. These mattresses provide the perfect balance of comfort and practicality. And when all is done, just roll up the deflated mat and packed them into the carry bag for your next destination.

Portable fridges, sleeping bags, tents & mattresses, you will always find a comprehensive range of outdoor adventuring and camping supplies at Real Smart.