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Sleek Spigots For Your Frameless Glass Fence

Stylish doesn’t have to cost a fortune with Real Smart. Few things finish off a balcony, or a pool area than a stunning frameless glass fence. To get this stunning finish you’ll need spigots to fasten the glass safely, securely, and beautifully.

Real Smart stocks a range of spigot designs to meet your style and functionality needs to a tee. Don’t settle for a less flattering metal banister or fence when you can secure the modernist look you’re after – all without breaking the bank.

Spigots – the sleek and durable support device for your glass fences

The last thing you want is to install a glass fence that needs frequent maintenance and replacing. Our range of spigot designs are all made from a high quality, weather resistant aluminium alloy to ensure you a result that not only looks great but stands the test of time.  You home isn’t standard – nor should your fence be. Our spigots come in round and square designs for you to choose from, all in at timeless modern design for a look you’ll love for years. Our spigots are appropriate for a glass thickness of 10mm – 12 mm.

The importance of a pool fence

In Australia, home-owners must adhere to strict safety standards when it comes to pool safety. An unfenced pool is dangerous to young children, who may not understand the danger of water. Our style-minded and safety conscious customers find that once they’ve fitted their sleek and beautiful frameless fence solution facilitated by our spigots, it not only keeps their children and pets safe, but it adds beauty. While making your pool safe with a glass fence, why not invest in a quality pool ladder at the same time?

Spigots suited for DIY home improvements

Not only will your fence be gorgeous, but you can say that you put it up all by yourself – if you wish. Our spigots are made with DIY in mind and are designed for easy construction so that you can save money not just on the spigots, but on the handywork as well.

For any and all questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today through our online enquiry form to discuss your spigot needs, and everything else.


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