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    Metal Detector with Headphone and LCD Display Waterproof Search Coil Treasure Hunter
    Metal Detector w/ Headphone and LCD Display
    Special Price $97.71 Regular Price $114.95
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    Deep Sensitive Metal Detector w/ 3 Detection Modes Waterproof Coil LCD Screen Headphone
    Metal Detector w/ 3 Detection Modes
    Special Price $133.41 Regular Price $156.95
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    Deep Sensitive LED Metal Detector w/ 2 Detection Modes Waterproof Coil Headphone
    LED Metal Detector w/ 2 Detection Modes
    Special Price $67.96 Regular Price $79.95
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    Handheld Metal Detector Gold Coin Treasure Hunter Deep Target Power Coils Waterproof Tip
    Handheld Pinpointer Metal Detector
    Special Price $34.81 Regular Price $40.95
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    Deep Sensitive Metal Detector Pinpointer Waterproof Coil LCD Display Treasure Gold Digger Hunter
    Deep Sensitive Metal Detector Pinpointer
    Special Price $44.16 Regular Price $51.95
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    Metal Detector Deep Sensitive Searching Gold Digger Treasure Hunter LCD Screen
    Metal Detector Deep Sensitive LCD Screen
    Special Price $188.66 Regular Price $221.95
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    Deep Sensitive Metal Detector w/ 3 Detection Modes Waterproof Coil LCD Display Headphone
    Out of stock
    Metal Detector w/ 3 Detection Modes
    Special Price $95.16 Regular Price $111.95

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Find Gold and Riches with Our Cheap Metal Detectors for Sale!

Who of us haven’t harboured dream of striking gold, or finding old historical artefacts buried in our backyard? It’s modern-day treasure hunting and brings excitement into the hearts of young and old alike.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable starting-out metal detector for your child, or you’d like to make a first purchase to see if fossicking really is everything you dream it would be, Real Smart has the affordable range to get you started! We’ve also got the detectors for those looking to upgrade to a more advanced model, when the day comes.

Real Smart is the online store with all you might need and want. From metal detectors to egg incubatorsbirdcages , tents and oh so much more, we’ve got what you need for sale, for cheap! 

The cheap and reliable metal detectors

With professional-grade metal detectors costing thousands of dollars, there’s no wonder so few of us get to try one out for ourselves. We at Real Smart said ‘NO MORE’ to this and stocked up on metal detectors at the kind of cheap prices that most anyone can afford.

Our range of metal detectors start at less than a hundred dollars, making it a super birthday or Christmas present for a treasure-hungry child (or adult). With two sensitive detection modes, adjustable sensitivity, adjustable shaft, and included headphones, even our most affordable detectors will ensure oodles of fun and excitement! 

Metal detectors for the more advanced

With five super-sensitive detection modes, waterproof properties, LCD display, and unique tones for each target found, you’ll hunt for buried treasure like a pro at a quarter of the cost. They even come with headphones too – so that you are ready to head out into the backyard as soon as our parcel arrives at your door. 

Handheld metal detectors for zeroing in on your find

The wide and waterproof search coil is great for picking up metals across a wider area at a time – but may make it difficult to pinpoint exactly where the metal is hiding underground, when you get a positive hit. That’s when it’s perfect to have a handheld metal detector on hand, that helps you pinpoint exactly where you ought to start digging. Simply stick the tip to the ground and dig where the beep is the loudest. These inexpensive and intuitive models can also be used on their own, for days when you don’t feel like bringing the full-sized version with you. Happy treasure hunting! 

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