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Hatch Chicks with Our Large and Reliable Egg Incubators for Sale!

If you’ve got a large amount of fertilised eggs on your hands, and you wish to hatch them, you want to make sure that you’ve got a reliable egg hatcher to help you ensure as many of your eggs turn into happy, healthy chooks. Real Smart has a range of affordable egg incubators available for purchase, from a humble 24 egg incubator up to a 112-egg whopper!

The egg incubators you can trust

Few things are more exciting than the first chick pecking through its egg in a batch of many. It’s extra exciting when you know that you were responsible for bringing them to life. When you incubate eggs – be it chicken, duck, turkey, velociraptor, geese, or quail eggs – you want to ensure you’ve got the equipment on hand that’ll give you the biggest yield, and the healthiest birds.

Egg incubators with automatic turning function

When you incubate your eggs, you don’t want to make the mistake of letting one side grow too cold, while the other is roasting. Our range of egg incubators all come with automatic turning functions and built in self-regulating temperature adjusters, to ensure that the entire egg will receive a steady, even heat distributed throughout. Hatching healthy birds have never been easier, with Real Smart!

Once your eggs hatch, you might consider investing in some bird netting to give them space to roam safely, and a chicken coop to sleep in at night!

Made from quality materials

Just because our egg incubators are cheap, doesn’t mean they’re made from cheap designs or materials. Made from quality PP material and with a range of automated functions and intuitive designs, your egg incubator is sure to have a long service life. Farmers and hobby-farmers alike across the country love our incubators for their yield rate, their durability, and ease of use.

Get in touch today

Get hatching with Real Smart’s quality egg incubators today! They’re so easy to use, reliable, and will stand the test of time. Choose your size, and have it shipped to you no matter where you are in Australia. For all questions, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today! 

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